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So incredibly happy to be reading Beagle's new book!! #TakeBackTheUnicorn #shelfie

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Oh happy day! When I wrote a few months ago about Peter S. Beagle’s struggles to get out of the clutches of his megalomaniac handler, Connor Cochran, I was afraid. I didn’t know what was going to happen, because the situation was dire. Beagle wasn’t (and still isn’t) getting any money from the sale of his art. The story wasn’t gaining a lot of traction in the mainstream.

But there’s good news! Better than that, there’s fantastic news! The countersuit against Peter Beagle’s lawyer is dismissed. Not only that, but Beagle’s childrens’ attempt to take over his estate have failed: Heirs’ Lawyer Quits. Beagle has been declared mentally sound and his court case looks promising.

Then there’s the best news of all: Summerlong. Nothing proves that a writer has their wits about them like a new novel. I have never loved a book so much before I even read it. I cannot wait to read it! A review will follow soon, but for now here’s the description from the publisher, Tachyon Publications:

Beloved author Peter S. Beagle (The Last Unicorn) returns with this long-anticipated new novel, a beautifully bittersweet tale of passion, enchantment, and fate.

It was a typically miserable Puget Sound winter before the arrival of Lioness Lazos. An enigmatic young waitress with strange abilities, when the lovely Lioness comes to Gardner Island even the weather takes notice.

As an impossibly beautiful spring leads into a perfect summer, Lioness is drawn to a complicated family. She is taken in by two disenchanted lovers—dynamic Joanna Delvecchio and scholarly Abe Aronson—visited by Joanna’s previously unlucky-in-love daughter, Lily. With Lioness in their lives, they are suddenly compelled to explore their deepest dreams and desires.

Lioness grows more captivating as the days grow longer. Her new family thrives, even as they may be growing apart. But lingering in Lioness’s past is a dark secret—and even summer days must pass.

As always thanks to Fans Against Fraud for the updates.

Peter S. Beagle and his Fight to Take Back the Unicorn

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Peter S. Beagle is a wonderful writer. I adore him. He is of course best known for writing The Last Unicorn, which was an incredible influence on me growing up—not just artistically, but morally and ethically. The central theme of The Last Unicorn is that (goodness, true love, healing, purity, whatever unicorns mean to you) is never completely lost, no matter how hopeless life may seem. So long as there is one person willing to face (fear, despair, oppression, whatever the Red Bull means to you), there is hope.

The Unicorn raises her horn in defiance.“Unicorns may go unrescued for a long time, but not forever.”

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